the band

" As we approach the release of the debut album from About You, Matthew Shaw caught up with Max Lewis Poscente to find out more and what’s coming up from this magical new musical project.

Tell me about About You?

"About You is a movement rather than just a band. Our movement is a vehicle to bring people together through stories about the human condition. On top of the chance to nurture one’s soul, we want our music to transform people. To have transcended from just being a listener to you experiencing the music. When that happens in a group, everyone shares in the experience. That’s the magic of the collective unconscious. Everyone connects when the lyrics are vulnerable and void of ego. Everyone bonds when the music goes from their ears to deep inside their being. Whether on headphones, in a car or live on stage we aim for the music to hit people in head, heart and hips. "

- Louder than War